pyPersoMail 0.2

Class for sending personalised emails to a group of addresses
You need:
- addresses.csv - CSV file with list of email addresses and, if needed, other destination dependent variables
    format: CSV (default separator = ';' - no quotes around values
    first line should contain field list like "smtp_to;smtp_from;smtp_subject;var1;var2"
    field "smtp_to" MUST exist!!
    fields smtp_from, smtp_subject can be used
- template.htm - template of your mailing in HTML format
- template.txt - template of your mailing in TXT format
both of these files can contain @@var@@ variables
these will (if possible) be substituted with the ones for the addresses.csv file
>>> import pyPersoMail
>>> s = pyPersoMail.pyPM_SMTPSender("localhost")
>>> s.set_loglevel(s.LOG_WARNING) # or s.LOG_ERROR / s.LOG_NOTHING - default = s.LOG_WARNING
>>> s.set_message ("pyPersoTest.html", "pyPersoTest.txt", "root@localhost", "Testing pyPersoMail")


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